The Law Office of Carl A. Taylor III focuses on the following areas of law:

Domestic Violence

Family/Divorce – All Areas


Municipal/Traffic Court – Including alleged DUI/DWI offenses

And More…

Is a Legal Issue Affecting Your Life?

Are you contemplating a divorce, or the enforcement of a prior Court Order?  Do you need a qualified attorney to walk you through a difficult legal process such as a child custody dispute or a domestic violence case.

Perhaps you just want someone to review your legal options with, or to draw up a Settlement Agreement or Consent Order.

Perhaps you are an individual or a business that successfully was awarded a Judgment, only to find that collecting on judgments can oftentimes be even more difficult than obtaining a Court victory.

Or maybe you’re an individual who is seeking defense from a Municipal Court, Domestic Violence, or Traffic Court violation.  Is it in your best interests to fight the charge, work out a deal, or simply plead guilty?  Is it worth retaining an attorney for such a case or not?

Some potential clients need guidance as to their legal options, and others have a specific goal in mind—but either way, an initial consultation with an attorney such as Carl A. Taylor III may be an important first step in defining or achieving legal goals.

If you have questions about how to navigate a complex legal issue, your available legal options, legal strategy, or if you seek legal assistance for these or other similar legal issues, then please consider calling the Law Office of Carl A. Taylor III.