I moved my family into Flemington almost a decade ago and this Borough has always had a soft-spot in my heart as an underdog with a ton of potential–it must be my Philadelphia upbringing.  I am honored that my law office is now located in Flemington close to the Hunterdon County Superior Court Justice Complex.  I am also honored to serve as Flemington Borough’s Municipal Prosecutor.

I believe it’s beneficial to clients to hire local attorneys that are familiar with the local courts and customs.  As most attorneys charge for travel time, this is also a form of savings to prospective clients.  I can walk to my office from my house and can walk to Court.  You’re likely most days to find me walking my Collie Isla around the Borough during my lunch break (note particularly in the winter which one of us seems to be enjoying it more).   

I opened my firm in Flemington in 2017 after previously being a named partner in a Somerville Firm and hope I will be able to continue serving local family law clients and the community at large for decades to come.